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Treating Injuries                        First Aid advice provided by the

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Heart Attack

  • Call 999/112
  • Sit them down leaning against a tree or the legs or back of another walker.
  • Offer them an aspirin (300mg) to chew slowly.
  • Give constant reassurance and prepare to resuscitate if necessary.
  • Immobilise the injured part.
  • Try to support the injury with items of clothing to prevent unnecessary movement.
  • As soon as possible call 999/112.
  • For upper arm injuries encourage them to support the limb with their hand.


  • Put pressure on the wound with whatever is available to stop or slow down the flow of blood.
  • As soon as possible call 999/112.
  • Keep pressure on the wound until help arrives.


  • Treat the cause
  • Help them to lie down. Raise and support the legs.
  • Reassure them. Do not give them anything to eat or drink.
  • Call 999/112 and prepare to resuscitate if necessary.

Sprains and strains

  • Rest the injured part.
  • Ice -the best thing is ice but failing that use a cold wet cloth.
  • Comfortably support.
  • Elevate the injured part.


  • Call 999/112.
  • Your aim is to warm them up gradually.
  • Take them to a sheltered place, remove and replace any wet clothing.
  • Wrap them in an emergency blanket or use any other insulating material; dry leaves, heather, remember to cover their head and to put insulating items underneath them.
  • Give warm energy drinks and high energy foods.

Heat exhaustion

  • Call 999/112.
  • Help them to a cool place in the shade, get them to lie down and raise their legs.
  • Give water in small amounts frequently until they recover

Remember it is better to do something than nothing.

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